Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Late-night baking

 Last night, whilst watching QI XL, I decided to make a cake (because when I'm half asleep and in my pyjamas is obviously the best time to do that).

It was just a sponge with glace cherries in it, so I just chucked eggs, sugar, flour, water and butter in a bowl and mixed it for ages. Then I added a load of ground almonds and vanilla essence, because I like them in cakes. And of course the cherries. 

I read about Frida Kahlo whilst I was waiting for the cake to bake, and I must say it was a somewhat enlightening experience. I like reading about her, I think she's really amazing.

I listened to a strange selection of music whilst baking last night. Probably because I had my iPod on shuffle and every other track was 'Teach Yourself Finnish' (which, believe me, I am TRYING to do). 

Calexico - The News About William
Beirut - The Penalty
Stevie Nicks - Kind of Woman
Patrick Wolf - Bluebells

In the end, though, I gave in to the lovely Patrick and took it off shuffle and listened to Wind In The Wires (the album, not just the song).
The finished product doesn't look too good in this picture, but I'm pleased with it. It was yummy.

Hasta la Vista, baby

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