Monday, 10 June 2013

its bad poetry day!!

I've been writing quite a lot of poetry at the moment.although I haven't been keen on sharing poetry recently, but I've decided to share this poem as i'm quite happy with it. About a week ago Me and my sister decided to take some photos as the weather was really nice I think they kinda match the aesthetic of the poem. Anyway here goes.... 

She could float 
I envied that. 
she wound herself up,
in colour, light and 
pretty dresses
hiding,masking, exposing
posing,glaring, gleaming
dancing her way through.  

I stood back, 
being a part. 
while she sang to the world 
 I enveloped myself 
in a safe mystery 
I did not want to share. 

just to clarify this poem is about no one in particular, its an accumulation of references to events and feelings, of envy, love and friendship 

I hope you enjoyxx

lots of love sophie