Sunday, 11 November 2012

pretty in pink

I have to admit I haven't yet seen Pretty in Pink. But after a quick google images trawl I am already in love with it. I plan to dress more like both of the characters pictured above ^

This means EVEN MORE of my fireman's jacket (which I don't think I've even put a picture of on here, weird because its AWESOME and I love it), clashing patterns, lots of lovely layers, random lacey things, tacky kids' jewellery like plastic pearls and stuff, and hats. I got some print-screens from the trailer;

dis guy looks fab. I could fall in love with dis guy.


loving the pleated shirt and pinkness waistcoat, an brooch.

...but my laptop's sound doesn't work, so the watching it was a bit surreal. It intrigues me though, I'll definitely watch it soon.

I made my River Island tights into leggings because they were depressingly and definitely NOT one-size.
Got a headscarf thing for 50p in Scotland.
Christmas jumper yay.
Pink fluff rug also yay.
Various pretty pink things in this photo. Rug, pillows, headscarf, walls, dress. I'll do a proper pink-themed post tomorrow.

Night all,

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