Tuesday, 23 October 2012

let's go to the sea

As Sophie already said in her last post, on Sunday we went to Ilfracombe for seasidey escapades.

Vintage white circle skirt, vintage Sailor top (The Real McCoy's, Exeter) mum's navy cardigan and Topshop hair thing.

Vintage yellow leather gloves from Relevant. Because people from the 40s or whenever usually have inhumanly small hands, and I was lucky to find a pair that fit AND are beautiful.

The usual creepers (and koala socks).

Sophie and I enjoying a fun day at the folk festival. We are munchkin possums, are we not?

Anyway, I promise PROMISE I will post a Sundark and Riverlight review (also a lipstick review) ASAP.

Been busy with music-ness y'see.

Sorry for my absence, mwa mwa

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