Monday, 22 October 2012

a day at the seaside.

Sinead's rather fetching cat coasters that she bought
 in a souvenir shop.

an amusement arcade that was called
'sunspot' amusements not 'spot' amusement

strawberries and cream flavoured rock 

Sinead on guitar hero

Yesterday me and Sinead went to Ilfracombe ( for the folk festival )  and had a marvellous day. Firstly we went to see Damien Hirst's new sculpture 'Verity' which was quite interesting but a little too macabre for either of our tastes. Then we got fish and chips and sat on a big hill.Then we went to the amusement arcade and blew a lot of 2p's on some slot machines. After that we watched a folk band then decided to go on guitar hero in the amusement arcade ( which I was extremely terrible at),then we bought some rock and eat it by the sea. To finish the day we watched a lovely lady folk singer. All in all in was a lovely day.


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