Tuesday, 16 October 2012

aching eyes

Still ill. I can't do any outfit posts really because I'm pyjama-clad and my hair is everywhere (damn you, hair) and also my eyes are all puffy and my nose is pink and EVERYTHING IS BAD. I'm wearing a velvet scarf because it smells nice and velvet is my favourite.

So I'll just post some pictures of styles I want to be inspired by this Autumn/Winter. OH YEAH exciting news, persuaded mum to let me get a pixie cut next week so watch this space ;o It's a compromise on the fully-shaved look Agy is rocking below, but I'm very very pleased.

Anyway, I'm lazy, here are some pictures of people/clothes I want/like/am inspired by.

 LOVE this picture. How she can be eating Cheetos and still look hot, I will never know.
I like the feminine touches, i.e. lipstick and makeup etc. I just ordered some lipstick from Beauty Without Cruelty, in this super-cool dark reddish purple shade. I'll post a review asap.

Gonna go for the bold t-shirt slogan look this year. I already cut up one of my tees to begin customisation, eee!

And, of course, Meadham Kirchhoff stuff. I like the crazy clashing patterns and bright colours, and big collars too. I think I'll take a few key elements from this look and incorporate it into mine. One major wishlist item is DEFFO some tartan-type jeans -punky.

Liked this because it's shiny and shiny. Sequins are a must for Winter I think, for sparkling up dreary dark days.

Ohhh how I crave one of these cutesie statement tees. My favourite is the Riot Not Diet one; cool slogan and a 70's-illustration-style deer motif. Except I also love the kitten one, it has a rainbow <3 font="font">

I think this is from a Chinese fashion magazine, I love love love the look on the left; the jacket especially. I think I'll find a vintage men's denim jacket and cut off the sleeves, then add some studs and patches. Seriously in love with the big fishnets too.

The androgynous look is one not every gal can pull off; but I really think Agyness looks awesome. I love the slick quiff thing she's got going on with her hair. 

(I don't know the individual sources, I just found the pictures on Tumblr and Google etc. Don't sue me please.)

Sorry I'm rubbish at everything. *sniff*


P.S: Sophie is neglecting her blogging duties. She keeps making posts and never publishing them. I hope she sees the error of her ways soon.

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