Friday, 3 August 2012

Why cats are some of the best friends you can have.

Note - I am actually asleep here.
Ever since I began listening to The xx in my room, Mimi (my cat, whose birthday happens to be today) has started sleeping on my bed. I like to think she has musical preferences.
 I have woken several times to find her on my pillow. Although temperamental and changeable, she can be loyal and sweet too. Cats have personalities that you could liken to human ones.

My mum's cat, Elfine, who died this year at the grand age of 20. She was very in touch with people and the world, and a special creature to have around. Although silent in terms of speech we can understand, cats definitely communicate on a sub-conscious level, I think.

It's comforting to have company that are independent, in some ways. They aren't usually too bothered with what you're doing, they just get on with their own thing (usually sleeping or eating), which means you can just be aware of their presence without having to constantly acknowledge it.


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