Friday, 3 August 2012

We made cupcakes.

 So today we decided to bake.
It had been a while, but I think it's safe to say that this was a successful endeavour.

We used a recipe from a 2001 issue of Good Housekeeping (I literally have no idea why we have one in the house), which was classy and mildly entertaining.

The actual making of the cake mixture was fairly simple and we encountered no significant problems. 

But then we tried to make icing.
Patient Sinead waiting for the cakes to bake.

"Look, they're perfect"
There were so many things wrong with that icing.

-Too much water
-Not nearly enough icing sugar
-Somehow curdled butter
-Weird colour

We managed to find some more icing sugar and make another batch, but Sophie clung to her watery icing (that she had added pink food colouring and sprinkles to, claiming "it's like stars") devotedly and insisted we used it and pretended it was a coulis. 

We decorated them with more sprinkles, purple icing, glace cherries and Easter chicks. 

Chicks aren't just for Easter.

They're for life.



Anyone for tea?

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