Monday, 6 August 2012

A little bit about my day (if your interested)

Just came back from a fabulous Sisterly outing with (you've guessed it) MY SISTER! 

We decided to watch 'The Dark Knight Rises' which was honestly the best thing showing at the local cinema. before the film we bought our weight in raspberry bonbons and sat near the clock tower as neither of us had a watch. At the cinema Emily was asked if she is in fact 12 years old and able to watch the film and I was made to pay for an adult ticket which made me mourn for my fast diminishing youth. When we did get to watch the film I had to admit to myself that I do enjoy films that includes deep-voices and irresponsible gun use from time-to-time. I won't go into a film review as I neither have the skill or the patience, but anyway I had a nice day with my sister, apart from losing my return bus ticket, buying a single, finding my return ticket, asking for a refund and then having to write my address on a bit of paper so the bus company could send me £1.50 in the post. 

lots of love and kittens 

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