Sunday, 5 August 2012

A day full of make-do-and-mend spirit

Unfinished collar...
So yes, I've been known to have previously been sceptical of  detatchable collars. I mean, what's the point when you can buy a shirt with a collar? But after some style research, I saw the practicality of them. If you have a top that is plain and you don't know how to snazz it up, they're perfect! 
Therefore I decided to take things into my own hands and break out the sewing kit.

I got this gorgeous cordeuroy fabric from my Grandmother, I think it's from the 70's. It's beauuutiful, I might make a little skirt with the rest of it.
Anyway, I also found some lace on a pin cushion type thing, and I figured I needed it more than the pin cushion, so I unstitched it and used it on my collar.
Then I found a stray button and covered it with the fabric, and attatched it (giving the 'detatchable' aspect to the accessory).

The collar goes perfectly with my simple black sleeveless top.

Baby coat of arms

I must say, I got a bit of an adrenaline rush after successfully making the collar. Especially as the whole thing was mainly improvising, I haven't previously made something like that. 

So this led to my making another (not as good) one, using some adorable yellow gingham check fabric I salvaged from one of my sewing bags.
I also found an old doll and unceremoniously ripped the arms off to make the thing in the centre. 
Then I stuck one of these fabulous shiny red hearts onto a button, and stitched it on.
I think this would have turned out better if the needle on my sewing machine hadn't broken, boo hoo :c 
Sunglasses (minus lenses)

Shortly after these two creations, I still had a touch of the old DIY fever, so I dug out some cheap sunglasses and popped the lenses out (loosening them by heating them with a hairdryer), a quick way to create a jazzy new accessory.

Hope you enjoyed my ramble, and maybe got some inspiration from my crafty tales.


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