Monday, 21 October 2013

overlooking the river

Hey, i'm really, really sorry that I haven't blogged in such a long time, but y'know school and work got in the way. 
On sunday Sinead and I met up and went to a food fest in our town's market. It was super busy and we could barely breath, but there were some really good food-based stalls and we basically wondered around smelling delicious smells for a bit. I then purchased a apple and pork pasty (which was beyond delicious) Sinead bought some samosas and we sat on a wall looking at the river, like the loiterers we are. 

A great piece of advertising at the food fair. 

We then took the bus to Sinead's house and  took some photos for Sinead's art project.
After that we watched about a million vines of cats and people doing weird crab dances.

enjoy you crazy lovely people xx

lots of love 

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