Tuesday, 18 June 2013

you're the glitter in the dark

hiii, so umm life update- well I have finished my GCSE's which means I have also finished secondary school. It hasn't quite sunk in that I've actually left, yet, but I think as soon as I start to feel anxiety for starting college It will.
 To celebrate the end of our secondary school careers,Last saturday me and Sinead had a party. It included a lot of jelly, pimms and a giant jenga set.  

I have been meaning to post some photos of my room for a while now, but unfortunately I am a very bad blogger :(

This was meant to be a jewellery stand, but I just put any old miscellany on it now. 

ah ,the things you can do with 40 doilies, 

new jelly shoes, that are a dream! - Topshop 

Lots of love 

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