Wednesday, 5 December 2012

sugar and spice and all things nice

 I think this article is very inspiring. It may not seem like a big deal in itself, but I think it really symbolises a  change, and is one small step towards gender equality. 

On the other end of the battling-sexism-spectrum, I have read several awfully misguided articles on how feminism is 'outdated' and 'irrelevant', most tragically to me the ones written by female university students. Personally, I honestly can't comprehend how you can, as a woman, dismiss a movement that is going to be relevant until equality is achieved; and essentially affects all women. I know it's unhealthy to judge, but I find this unbelievable - especially when the women who write these articles look down their noses at feminists as man-hating, angry grrls who refuse to shave their legs. 

This may be one of the most ridiculous stereotypes I have ever heard. Feminism is about defeating sexism, not just saying the other gender is inferior and then slapping a different name on it. Hopefully, one day, feminism might be truly irrelevant; hopefully one day Page 3 will not be a thing, and little girls won't grow up thinking that their life will consist of cooking, cleaning and child-bearing, and people won't say things like 'crying like a girl' or 'you throw like a girl' (I don't even get that last one, I mean, has no-one seen Jessica Ennis in action?!). 

And I am really dumbfounded when they use the argument that women and men are equal - take a look around, won't you? In newspapers, women are depicted as either fashion-don't-riddled 'frumpy' politicians, or topless girls with made up names; while men feature prominently as respectable sports figures or powerful leaders.

Obviously, this isn't the whole picture, but I am trying to make a point. Women still aren't paid as much as men. It is still considered a 'fact' (in many places) that little girls play with barbies, and little boys are allocated toy guns and action men. There is still this ridiculous idea and pink should be assigned to females (even though QI has taught me that originally, blue was meant to be a 'girl's' colour).

Anyway, just something to think about there.


P.S. watch this space, I'm planning to produce a similar rant about LGBT rights soon.

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