Wednesday, 7 November 2012

I went to Uganda.....

So... I promised you a summary of what I did in Uganda so here it is:

So after a few lessons at school and also a rather horrible French assessment, we set off for Heathrow airport. After a checking and whatnot we endured an 8 hour flight to Entebbe Airport, Uganda; the flight was uneventful.

We then drove to Kira farm ( a vocational college run by the charity Amigos )  the place where we were going to be staying for most of our time in Uganda. 

Over the next few days we visited some homes in the community around Kira Farm to help install Rocket stoves and water filters in their houses. 

A few days later we drove to Masindi to visit some Children that Amigos sponsor. The next two days where spent on a river Safari and just normal Safari.

The rest of the time was spent at Kira farm either visiting sponsored children, schools, The community around Kira farm, weeding a field of crops and repairing a road. 

Then after an 8 hour journey back to London we were home and our trip to Uganda felt like a hazy

You may have noticed how I have only written about the factual routine of my trip but honestly if I wrote about how every single event and how it made me feel I would be writing all night. So I will write about how the trip made me feel as a whole.  It has to be said that I was nervous and apprehensive at first about going to Uganda I was worried I'd be appalled about the terrible poverty and that would consume every other emotion I had for the place. Of course the poverty was shocking but the thing that shocked me the most were the people- Their overwhelming optimism and how extremely kind they are. We met some many people that had what the West would describe as very little, but of what they had they were so proud of. I didn't expect to smile as much as I did in Uganda; I probably smiled more than I usually do in 2 months than I did in 10 days.

I've being back 2 days and the sense of entitlement is starting to kick in, I feel now more than ever I have to not only try to aid people less fortunate than myself all over the world, but to work as hard as I possibly can to achieve my goals.


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