Wednesday, 14 November 2012

and it feels like I can't breathe.

Yes, I am totally in love with Will Young. I listened to Jealousy on repeat for my whole bus journey to school this morning. 

Oh yeah also I love Hollyoaks. I guess this is a kind of guilty-pleasures post, although Patrick Wolf once said he doesn't believe in the whole feeling-guilty-for-liking-something thing. And I try and stick to that. But y'know, sometimes its just to hard to admit, and its fun to have a little secret thing to love. Anyway omg Hollyoaks drama, my heart is so racing right now. My favourite character is George (but in my household he is known as Monkey Patrick because he's so fabulous and looks slightly similar to Patrick but more monkeyish and generally just adorable like Paddykins). HERE HE IS, THE LITTLE CUTIE

want his shirt so bad

Omg literally watching first-look Hollyoaks as we speak and biting my nails. CAR CRASH, DEATH, DRAMA.

This has been quite a pointless post, but I tried. 

I have a Maths mock-mock-exam tomorrow, so I'm stressed.


In other news, today I went on a walk and discovered that my gentleman-friend should most definitely become a Topman model. Also, I fell over in some mud (what else is new, am I right?).

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  1. Hola sinead, mis amigo
    finally found your blog, thinking about starting my own fashion/music blog :D