Thursday, 4 October 2012

Poetry of a teenager


On the subject of rain 
I might be a fan 
I like feeling trapped inside 
for a short time span 

But when it rains all day 
My patience is tested
Stupid British weather 
I wish I lived in the Desert 

You annoy me 

Go away, stop making me like you
you're brilliant, i'm boring 
your face is nice,mine isn't 
shut up, stop making me like you. 


I'm actually usually quite good at poetry but today with the weather and it being cold I turn into what my mum calls a 'kevin'. Times like these call for special measures which equals  a big wooly jumper, chinese food and series 1 of Black Books. 

Usually I hate angsty me, but angsty me does produce some hilarious poetry.

lots of kisses 

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