Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Me + makeup 4eva ( or not )

I adore makeup, I really do, I love a pillar-box red lip, I love jewel coloured eye shadows and I idolise liquid eyeliner. I like how makeup can take you from glamourous to trashy with a couple of strokes of a brush, and turn a small mousy brunette covered into freckles ( me ) into a anything she wants, whether that be a showgirl or a mime artist. When I was younger I used to do ballet every week, every two years the Dance school I attended Put on a Dance extravaganza. Everyone from 3-20 would have to be plastered in cold bright white foundation and clumpy mascara. In fact one of my first makeup memories I have is of a bossy dance teacher scraping my face with a foundation sponge trying to hide all of the flaws I had in my 8 year old skin. I love collecting sparkly eyeliners and the smell of loose cover- up powder, But there is one problem.........I can't apply makeup. I don't have a steady enough hand to apply liquid eyeliner, lipstick always ends up on my teeth, If I wear foundation I look like I've been doused in flour, lipgloss is even a problem as I have been known to miss my lips and stick the lipgloss up my nose. So it must be said that makeup and me have a love/hate relationship and I really do need to practise with it more, until  I can apply makeup without injuring myself until then I guess i'll skip around bare faced dreaming of glittery eyeliners.


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