Thursday, 4 October 2012

a new sound

I discovered some new music today (yaaay!)

1. Walpurgisnacht - Patrick Wolf

This was one of the songs from his Archive EP (selling at his shows, I heard it on Tumblr), and its a demo from 1999 (he was 16 when he recorded it, and this excites me greatly because he sounds adorable on it). I love it I love it I love it! It's so magical and dark. I won't try and do a proper review, I'm tired.

2. The Cigarette Duet - Princess Chelsea

I had actually heard this one before, but Micah (darling that he is) re-introduced it to me. I love it a lot. The girl singing in it has this really cutesie voice that contrasts quite funnily with the lyrics. And I really like the drawling tone of the guy who sings in it. He almost sounds bored, but it works. 

So, it's not that much new music but every song is significant in my eyes (ears?).

I recommend both songs if you're in an open-minded mood. 

Love ya

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