Wednesday, 1 August 2012

One fine day in Arlington

Moi moi, 
 So today I am going to have a daydreamy rambling session (the first of many, I'm sure) about a trip I took to Arlington (and, sneakily, Arlington Court) recently.
 I knew it was going to be sunny already, but the uncharacteristically nice weather still carried with it an air of unexpectedness, and I was surprised when I left the house to find that my sundress felt too heavy and hot for the day.
 We (my gentleman companion and I ) walked to Arlington Court and the pretty little church in it in the afternoon, stopping briefly along the way to look at the former house of a childhood friend. Oh, the nostalgia.
 After wandering around and lying on a forest floor - where we ingeniously came up with the idea of employing Sophie to be our personal photographer - we walked back to his house, picking and eating wild strawberries along the way. Something about their littleness makes them so much more delicious
 We listened to some Little Dragon and Boards of Canada at his house, met one of his cats, and then I went home. 
 It was a sleepy, summery day that I am glad turned out the way it did. I even made a new feline friend ('scuse the alliteration there).

Purr, Sinead 

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